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Rodochrosite & Garnet Earrings 002

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These earrings combine PMC with the traditional wire wrapping and soldering metal smiting techniques. The stones measure 10mm by 16mm  and are a beautiful pink Rhodocrosite. They have small Garnet  gemstones decorating the top of each earring. The earrings measure 2.5" in length including the hoops. These earrings have french hook style attachments right now but can be exchanged for another type from the pull dowm menu.

 About Rhodochrosite - History and Introduction


Rhodochrosite is a manganese mineral that makes an interesting gemstone due to its distinctive raspberry red and pink stripes. Due to its composition, rhodochrosite is also referred to as manganesespar or as raspberryspar with reference to its color. The name rhodochrosite comes from the Greek word, "rhodokhros", meaning "rose colored". In Argentina, rodochlorite stalagmites formed in Inca silver mines that were abandoned centuries ago. Sometimes it is also called "Rosa del Inca" or "Inca rose stone" and it is said that the Incas believed that rhodochrosite was the blood of their former rulers that had turned to stone.


Rhodochrosite occurs in both aggregate and crystal form. The transparent raspberry-colored crystal form is rare and is bought at high prices by collectors. Rhodochlorite is the national gemstone of Argentina and the state mineral of Colorado, due to significant deposits being discovered in both places.




Identifying Rhodochrosite


Rhodochrosite can be identified by its raspberry red and pink stripes with zigzag bands. In aggregate form it exhibits these unique markings. It can also be distinguished from other material by its Mohs scale hardness of 4.


Rhodochrosite; Origin and Gemstone Sources


The main rhodochrosite deposits are in Argentina. Other sources include Chile, Mexico, Peru, South Africa and the USA. Rhodochrosite crystals are also found in Romania and Hungary.


Buying Rhodochrosite and Determining Rhodochrosite Gemstone Value


Rhodochrosite Color


Rhodochrosite is raspberry red and pink. In aggregate form it is striped, often with zigzag patterns. Crystals are deep raspberry red, but rare. Rhodochrosite gets its color from the presence of manganese.


Rhodochrosite Clarity and Luster


Rhodochrosite is generally opaque, though transparent crystals are seen. Transparent crystals are usually heavily included. When polished, rhodochrosite has a vitreous, resinous or pearly luster.


Rhodochrosite Cut and Shape


Rhodochrosite is mostly cut en cabochon or carved. It can also be tumbled or drilled. Crystals can be faceted, but they are rare and usually heavily included.


Rhodochrosite Treatment


Rhodochrosite is not known to be treated or enhanced in any way.


Rhodochrosite: Related or Similar Gemstones


As a manganese mineral, rhodochrosite is related to rhodonite, which is manganese silicate. Rhodonite has a similar rosy color to rhodochrosite, but usually has black dendritic inclusions of manganese oxide. As a member of the calcite group, rhodochrosite is related to smithsonite, gaspeite and calcite. Rhodochrosite can also appear similar to fire opal, tugtupite (also known as reindeer stone), pink tourmaline and bustamite.




Rhodochrosite Gemstone Mythology, Metaphysical and Alternative Crystal Healing Powers


Rhodochrosite's pink color associates it with emotional healing, love, compassion, creativity and intuition. Rhodochrolite is thought to encourage positive feelings, personal strength and to soothe its wearer. Physically, rhodochrolite is said to help blood pressure, respiration, migraines and the sexual organs. In traditional Hindu beliefs, rhodochrolite is associated with Anahata, or the heart chakra, which is related to peace, decision-making, love, compassion and psychic healing.




Rhodochrosite Gemstone Jewelry Care and Cleaning

Rhodochrosite is a fairly soft gemstone, so it should be cared for in order to prevent damage. Since household dust contains quartz, which has a Mohs scale hardness of 7, simply wiping dust from a rhodochrosite gemstone could cause scratches. The best way to clean rhodochrosite gemstones is by using soapy water and a soft cloth. Be sure to rinse well to remove soapy residue. Do not expose rhodochrosite to household chemicals or excessive heat. As with most gemstones, ultrasonic cleaners and steamers are not recommended. Always remove any jewelry or gemstones before exercising, cleaning or engaging in harsh physical activities such as sports. Rhodochrosite can be easily scratched by harder substances, so it should be stored away from other gemstones. It is best to wrap gemstones in soft cloth or place them inside a fabric-lined jewelry box.









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