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Shipping & Returns

I strive to make my customers happy and get their items to them as quickly as possible.  for those of you who have just been to my website please be aware that I have a traveling store front as well that visits different locations almost every weekend.  The merchandise in my storefront is completely separate from the products I have posted on my website.

If you are a customer who has given me a custom order while visiting my physical store location, the time it takes to create and ship the order will depend on how detailed the order was to create.  If it is a simple modification on an already existing item, then the item should only take a few business days to modify. for example:  A ring that just needs to be re-sized.  If you are wanting a stone replaced, repaired, or modified in any way it may take up to 14 business days or longer to find and polish the stone you are requesting.  If the timeframe is going to be longer than the 14 business days I will call to discuss the reasons for the delay.  If you are wanting an item made from scratch the timeframe will depend on materials I readily have available, how large the item will be, and how detailed you want it.  The timeframe for a custom ring or earrings are roughly 14 to 21 business days.  For custom necklaces or bracelets it will take longer roughly 2-4 months.

To clarify business days:

Each weekend Friday through Monday I am traveling with my physical location, which leaves Tuesday through Thursday for me to work on custom orders.

All of my items posted on the website are hand-made and ready to ship.  However, if you require an item to be modified in any way it will delay shipping. 

When you place an order, there will be an estimated shipping and delivery.  Please note that as stated above I am traveling most Fridays through Mondays so you package will only be shipped Tuesday through Thursday.


Returns Policy

You may return items recently purchased from the website within 7 days of shipment delivery for a full refund minus the shipping cost.You should expect to receive your refund within four weeks of my receiving your item back undamaged.  I process refunds as a check payment to you.  To return your items please email me, and let me know via email at md_design@rocketmail.com.

After the 7 days from date of shipment delivery it is at my discretion to accept the item back for an exchange, there will be no refunds.


If you purchased an item from my physical store locations all sales are final, items can not be returned.  I may work with you to exchange the item for another item of similar cost value.

If you asked me to create a custom piece or asked me to modify a piece in any way all sales are final, items will not be accepted back for a refund. Items can not be returned.